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August 20th, 2004

12:49 pm
I am bored.

I hate Moby Dick.

I hate essays.


Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: TV..

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August 8th, 2004

10:27 pm
Since I'm in a middle of something which is always the perfect time to be bored, I checked on this little ole community and was slightly saddened by the fact I've been gone for like..I don't know weeks and ..I lost my train of thought
Okay its had somehting to do with something which is really smart.

SO, I guess I'm going to blabber about nothing and this blabber could you know potentially turn your brain to mush.

Great side affects right? Well, Schools tomorrow and my brother has been worrowing my ear off about how he has no idea where he's going and what he's suppose to do. THANK GOD.......hahahahahaha god...

that he's not going to cypress that he's going to fort myers in which for some odd reason I don't like. Why? I don't know...I don't know...

Yeah I might as well sign off. I'm kinda confusing myself, because I can easily confuse myself except I probably shouldn't call it confusion because it's really not and yet I will call it that.
Current Music: Cry me a River- Ella Fitzgerald

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July 16th, 2004

11:55 am - please to put this on my grave



ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im sooooooooooooooo boring and then i died cause

i turned into skeletons and it waznt tha fun  hahahaha

Current Mood: boredbored to death

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11:39 am - ladeda HuRRAhzzz
..bored. Ahhh, boredom. I was going to complain about flvs.net and the pain of essays that you can't ever seem to start but I rather save your eyes.

So in boredom and in well I don't know sheer blahness, i shall ask a question. And in your sheer amounts of boredom maybe you'll anwser.

It's really a pointless question just something to wonder about and in no doubt does it have anything to effect me or you unless it sounds like oh thats a good book maybe one day in my free time..because summer never seems to have enough free time for me anyways..even though school is to start in well 3 weeks or more or so who knows?

Wow that was a huge strange run on sentence and i almost wrote one on sentence hahahahahaha

So whats the book of the moment?

hahahahah <3 alan cumming.

What's up with these phone calls from out of state...
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: nothing because gah..theres nothing!

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July 15th, 2004

11:40 pm
Um...if anyone needs a DJ for anything...my brother (Mike) just got a shit-load of new equiptment and um, stuff...he only wants to give out his e-mail address online,that paranoid SOB...so here I go::

DJ Melocradis

Yes yes...hes got a wide range o' musaack, intelligent lights, fog...la dee da. Have fun.

Ehhh...I'm tired, gonna be gone for about a week : / sianara suckahs
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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06:04 pm - xxxXxxxXcore.XxxxxxXxx.
Hallo, hallo.
* taps mic. *
Ahem. My name is mizz's.
I live a life of music. And boredom. And writing slash. Because slash, as you well know, is like crack. And crack is WACK. Beer is also queer, and as for weed... that, you don't need.
Oh yes. Also: The BLS. It is another obsession.
You must watch it! Beat up people to get old tapes. And... then go post a fic at camp_jinxxx 'cuz we're desperate.
The point of this is that driving lessons are gay and Jerseycore is the way to be. \m/

* falls over, dies *
That's all, kids. :D

postscript:Collapse )
Current Mood: amused.
Current Music: the escape engine / "this jagged alibi"

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10:12 am
um...yeah I wrote this nice entry blaming my joining onto kate..but some people from honda called and I decided to let my actually anwser machine anwser...instead of the computer one in which ..my mother would never hear the message..and will later on kill me because it might be important..and this is just blabbler

and I shall blame kate again..hahaha sorry kate.
Current Music: my computer ooo whos smart now?

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July 14th, 2004

09:40 pm - HEY IM NEW!!
hmm i hope its nice in here
but i am doing NOTHING just sit here
bein bored and i wanna to play
like a lil kid in playground haha
so nice job kate hahaha i like it
it is comfy in here hmm
Current Mood: crazycrazy

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08:37 pm
Wow...kate, i'd say you've...uh...outdone yourself this time...*shakes head*...well to all you cubscouts (even though you're nonexistent at this point)...here's my big hi-hello! Yah, I'm Rach...and don't be forgettin it lol.


Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: taking back sunday

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08:30 pm - Yessa

Alrighty then...I cannot believe that I have finally accomplished something! Kudos to me =D I have really nothing other to say then the sad fact that I am lethargic enough to be watching an interview w/Martha Stewart and she is proclaiming her hatred for dishonesty...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow...and back into the first post I delve.:: slowly diverts gaze to the television...:: "Is it rare now to see a skinny person on the reservation?" Ahhhhhh...no more useless news updates....sssssaaaaavvveee mmmmeeeeee! Well, well...I welcome everybody to the community...and let the games begin : )

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: CBS at an unnaturally loud volume

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