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July 15th, 2004

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06:04 pm - xxxXxxxXcore.XxxxxxXxx.
Hallo, hallo.
* taps mic. *
Ahem. My name is mizz's.
I live a life of music. And boredom. And writing slash. Because slash, as you well know, is like crack. And crack is WACK. Beer is also queer, and as for weed... that, you don't need.
Oh yes. Also: The BLS. It is another obsession.
You must watch it! Beat up people to get old tapes. And... then go post a fic at camp_jinxxx 'cuz we're desperate.
The point of this is that driving lessons are gay and Jerseycore is the way to be. \m/

* falls over, dies *
That's all, kids. :D

I feel the need to mention that show on the 19th. HORSE, the Band. Someone go with me to Rising Tide. We'll profane and Jerseymosh around. <3
Current Mood: amused.
Current Music: the escape engine / "this jagged alibi"

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Date:July 16th, 2004 07:41 am (UTC)
woooooo..slash is fun.

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