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July 14th, 2004

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08:30 pm - Yessa

Alrighty then...I cannot believe that I have finally accomplished something! Kudos to me =D I have really nothing other to say then the sad fact that I am lethargic enough to be watching an interview w/Martha Stewart and she is proclaiming her hatred for dishonesty...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow...and back into the first post I delve.:: slowly diverts gaze to the television...:: "Is it rare now to see a skinny person on the reservation?" Ahhhhhh...no more useless news updates....sssssaaaaavvveee mmmmeeeeee! Well, well...I welcome everybody to the community...and let the games begin : )

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: CBS at an unnaturally loud volume

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